Andreas Munzel is a Full Professor of Marketing at Toulouse School of Management (Toulouse Capitole University) and member of the TSM Research.

Andreas’ research on social interactions in online environments with an emphasis on online word-of-mouth communication (via online reviews), social capital and interactions within social media, and firms’ Big Data-driven marketing competencies is published in scientific journals such as Recherche et Applications en Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Interactive Marketing, et International Journal of Electronic Commerce.


As an international management trainer, Andreas constantly blends research and practice in marketing, finance, and data analytics.

Since 2015, Andreas works as Senior Management Trainer with Horváth Akademie GmbH (Horváth & Partners) for assignments in Europe, Asia, and North America, and, since 2020, as Marketing Tutor with Unilever. In January 2021, he launched the online course platform The Marketing Analytics Academy.


As an expert in digital marketing and strategies, Andreas is regularly invited as a speaker at practitioners’ events.

His talks cover the bright and dark sides in individuals’ digital and analog lives covering topics such as deception in the marketplace, the digital transformation of society and firms, privacy concerns of consumers, and shared life in the smart city.


Articles in scientific journals

SUONIEMI, S., MEYER-WAARDEN, L., MUN ZEL, A., ZABLAH, A.R., & STRAUB, D. (2020): Big data and firm performance: The roles of market-directed capabilities and business strategy, Information and Management, 57(7), pp. 103365.


PLOTKINA, D., MUNZEL, A., & PALLUD, J. (2020): Illusions of Truth – Experimental Insights into Human and Algorithmic Detections of Fake Online Reviews, Journal of Business Research, 109 (March), pp. 511-523. 

KÖNSGEN, R., SCHAARSCHMIDT, M., IVENS, S., & MUNZEL, A. (2018): Finding meaning in contradiction on employee review sites: Effects of discrepant online reviews on job application intentions, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 43(August), pp. 165-177. 

MUNZEL, A., GALAN, J.-P., & MEYER-WAARDEN, L. (2018): Getting by or Getting ahead on Social Networking Sites? The Role of Social Capital in Happiness and Well-Being, International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 22(2), pp. 232-257.

MUNZEL, A., MEYER-WAARDEN, L., & GALAN, J.-P. (2018): The Social Side of Sustainability: Well-Being As a Driver and an Outcome of Social Relationships and Interactions on Social Networking Sites, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 130, pp. 14-27.

MUNZEL, A. (2016): Assisting consumers in detecting fake reviews: the role of identity information disclosure and consensus, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 32(September), pp. 96-108.

PLOTKINA, D. & MUNZEL, A. (2016): Delight the Experts, But Never Dissatisfy Your Customers! A Multi-Category Study on the Effects of Online Review Source on Intention to Buy a New Product, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 29(March), pp. 1-11.

MUNZEL, A. (2015): Attention aux faux avis! Investigations expérimentales sur les indicateurs contextuels facilitant la détection des avis trompeurs par les internautes, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, 30(4), 25-53.

MUNZEL, A. & KUNZ, W.H. (2014): Creators, multipliers, and lurkers: who contributes and who benefits at online review sites, Journal of Service Management, 25(1), pp. 49-74.

Awards and distinctions

  • Journal of Service Management: 2018 Best Reviewer Award
  • 25th International Colloquium on Relationship Marketing, Munich, Allemagne: Best Paper Award, September 2017
  • 8th Academic Prize for Management Research: Best research article in the marketing category, April 2016
  • Journal of Service Management: 2015 Robert Johnston Highly Commended Award
  • 30th International Congress of the French Marketing Association (AFM), Montpellier, France: Prize for the best paper written by a young researcher, May 2014


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